Why is branding an important core-element of your business? Successful branding elements play significantly within a business’s element and keeps customers. However on a surface-level, branding becomes a important element of the business.

Purpose-driven brands that have clear key messaging and consistent branding throughout their omni-channels are seen as most successful. Combining both market trends and a strong distinguishable brand messaging is important for business growth. For example a signature colour can boost a brand’s recognition by 80 percent.

72 percent of marketers also confirm that branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine, according to Labellnsight. Specific campaigns are carried to increase sales can only be short-lived and not carry the meaningful brand equity for consumers. Successful brand campaigns to raise awareness take multiple years to build.

Branding can be easily deemed as a second choice for companies to invest, due to other mandatory costs to keep businesses running, this can be a particular dilemma for start-ups.

A company will require a strong and efficient branding strategy in a sector that is particularly saturated. Where does that leave construction and interior design in 2019? The most important element is to observe your target market, and the leading brands that appeal to your target market. For example, if an architectural firm specializes in designing eco-houses, their target audience would be defined by research over who are becoming more environmentally conscious and who have the buying power. Demographic, interests, social structure and status play a significant role in smart branding for your business to reach the right target audience.

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