For many startup businesses, it all begins with simply a person, a computer and a phone. Necessary tasks such as bookkeeping, sales and marketing are likely to be a challenge so employing the services of a dedicated outsourcing team is becoming an increasingly common option for those on a budget. By outsourcing, you can get your business up and running similarly to a big company without have to hire staff or an office space.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing is the huge saving in cost you will make. Rather than recruiting several people with different skills to work for your business, it makes much better sense financially to outsource and pay per project or service- you are only paying for what you need. The money you save can then be spent better other essential services such as marketing.

The average small business can change massively from year to year and sometimes even month to month. When starting a new business you won’t know how much resources you will really need but outsourcing allows for the flexibility needed while you wait for things to settle down.  Another benefit is that you are tapping into a pool of experts in that field, whether bookkeeping, sales or any other service- you don’t have to know it all!

Whichever service you choose to outsource, good communication and a strong working relationship is critical. At FACE Marketing and Business Solutions we know the importance of this which is why we will assign a dedicated outsourcing manager to oversee your projects, understand your needs and be at the other end of the phone for support.

So why not let FACE take care of those day to day tasks and focus on the work you do best- running your business!


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