If you have your own business, it’s more than likely you will have heard about SEO, but do you actually know what search engine optimisation is and more importantly, why it’s necessary for your business?

The basic idea of SEO is that internet search engines such as Google use signals to determine the order in which they display results for any given search terms. Did you know that 35% of all internet searchers click on the top result of a Google search, and 95% will only look at results on the first page? Therefore you need your website to be at the very top of all searches relevant to your industry. SEO is the process of working out which signals Google uses and how those signals can be manipulated to get you to the top and get your business noticed!

Research shows that over 70% of online consumers start their search for a product or service using a search such as Google. As a small business, you need to get in on this! Below are FACE Marketing’s Top 5 Tips on why you NEED SEO to make your business a success!


  • Searching is key.For most of us, search engines are today’s version of the Yellow Pages. Whether using a mobile, tablet or PC- an internet search is how someone will find your business.
  • Your website will be more user-friendly.Using SEO will make your website faster, easier for a visitor to navigate and overall more user-friendly and attractive to those who come across you through a search.
  • Boost your conversion rates.An SEO optimised site which is fast and easy to use will make it more likely for website visitors to convert into sales for your business.
  • Building your brand.Brand awareness will help sales in the long run, and good SEO which keeps your content at the top of internet searched means better brand awareness.
  • Bring business to YOU.Marketing can be expensive and challenging so it’s great to have clients come to you. SEO means attracting new customers to your website as they are likely to already have an interest in your business.

These are just a few of the benefits of SEO to your small business. So do you need SEO? Definitely. If you don’t already use it,you will be kicking yourself when you realise your competitors are getting to the top of Google search rankings and taking your potential business!

Time to get your business at the top where it belongs? Get in touch with FACE Marketing today! Our highly experienced and dedicated SEO experts are on hand to get your business to the top of search rankings-FAST!


By Aneequa Bhatti