Printed marketing materials can be essential to the success of your business. Despite an online presence being vital, print is still highly effective when it comes to advertising so a unique logo and well-designed print marketing materials will help to create a visual connection with your existing and potential clients.

FACE Marketing’s Top Benefits of Print Marketing Design are:


  • It helps you stand out from the crowd! Stay ahead of your competition by using printed marketing materials as well as having a solid, well-designed website and online presence. As digital marketing is now more commonly used, your printed marketing materials will be noticed and remembered!
  • A lot of consumers actually still prefer print, something they can physically keep hold of. They might pull out your business card or leaflet some time after they receive it, but it’s easy to forget a web link.
  • Not everyone is online! It may be that your target audience does not regularly use the internet so print is the wise choice.
  • Print marketing helps establish brand recognition as it will be seen more when online, and in print.

At FACE our aim is to ensure that your business has an effective visual identity and presence and it may be that you do not require some of our printed marketing services which is why we provide a bespoke plan for you and you will only pay for what you need.


You only have one chance to impress your clients- get it right first time with print marketing assistance from FACE!

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