You may be thinking that with the increasing popularity of social media, SEO (search engine optimisation), mobile marketing and other forms of online marketing that email marketing campaigns are somewhat redundant- but you would be wrong! Email marketing, also known as direct marketing, is actually a profitable way of spreading the word of your business and services.

Whether email newsletters or email advertising, this method of digital marketing will create many more opportunities for you, no matter how large or small your business and provide you with a higher return on investment (ROI) as you are able to reach out to a wide audience at significantly less cost than traditional means of advertising.

So what are the benefits of direct email marketing campaigns?

Here are FACE Marketing’s top 5 Reasons your Business Needs an Email Marketing Strategy when sending bulk emails!

1- Increase Brand Awareness
Every time you send out an email, the people receiving it will be exposed to your company and its brand. If the content is good and it is well-designed, it is more likely that a potential client will choose your services when they need them as you will be the first thing they think about.

2-Cost Effective
With no print or advertising rates, an obvious benefit of email marketing is that it is affordable meaning greater ROI, but it is wise to have an economical bulk email service.

3-Email Marketing is Easily Measurable
Most bulk email software programs allow you ro track delivery rates, open rates and click through to the website rates to gain insight into your client’s behaviours. This is a great way to tailor your marketing strategy and highlight which areas to work on.

4- Email Newsletters and Email Advertising is Quick and Easy to Share
All you need to do is forward the email to anyone you may think is interested in the special offers or services being advertised. Simple!

5- Target your Audience
This form of marketing means that you can target emails to only those contacts you feel will be responsive as it is possible to purchase relevant contact email addresses. This means a higher conversion rate as it is likely those people have an interest in your services.

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