Whilst in the past a place of work may have meant a physical office space, flexible working and new technologies mean that times are changing and new business structures are emerging- such as the virtual office. At FACE Marketing and Business Solutions we offer our clients this facility, perhaps it’s something you have considered when planning how to kickstart your business in 2014…

So what exactly is a virtual office? And how can it benefit your business? Well the concept is simple- a virtual office in literal terms is ‘a business location simulated by telecommunications and computer links’. It means you can have a prestigious business address where all your mail will be forwarded to you, and you may even be able to register your business to that address. A virtual office in the London area is especially attractive for many small and start-up businesses given the high rents that usually come with traditional offices in London’s City and West End areas. A physical office in these areas is often unattainable for many small businesses, especially given the current challenging economic climate. A virtual office will offer a telephone answering system so your business has its own number, and dedicated telephone operators who will deal with your calls professionally. You will also have ‘hot desk’ facilities available to you- that is, the option of using a desk whenever necessary with a telephone and internet access, and generally you will only pay for the time you use.

Some businesses may opt for virtual office facilities if they employ teams or consultants across the country and there is no need for offices but a space for meetings with clients, administration tasks and/or a PA may be useful. The great thing about using virtual office facilities is that they are cost-effective on both rent as mentioned previously but also staff costs. In addition, you are not hugely committed when taking on a virtual office- you can decide which features you want to use and easily up or down scale depending on how it is working for you.

Are you not quite ready to move out of your home office yet? Or perhaps you are quite happy working from the countryside and do not want to join the rat race of London? FACE Marketing and Business Solutions can arrange virtual office facilities for your business ensuring your potential and existing clients view you as a professionally-run operation and are confident in your services.


Talk to the FACE team today on 020 8338 1388 and let us advise you on how a virtual office could boost your business!