Would you say your business has its own brand identity? It should do if you want it to be a success!

Branding is made up of several different things- a unique business name, a symbol, logo or design that helps people recognise you and your services, and differentiate you from other businesses. Good brand strategy is something that needs to be addressed in the earliest stages of setting up your business as it is important to stay consistent- you need to get it right first time.

As well as appealing to your target market and getting them to choose you over your competition, good branding will make your potential clients feel as though you are the answer to their problems- and they will trust you as they know what they can expect. Not just for large corporations, branding is vital for small businesses in today’s tough market. The key reason is that it will help boost your sales, and when you increase your prices, your clients will accept this as you have a solid brand.

It’s important to put the research in first when developing your brand- who are your clients? What is your USP and values? And can you stick to them? There is a lot that goes into developing your brand too- logos, fonts, brand colours, straplines…the list is endless! Just think about a big brand like Nike- we all instantly recognise the big tick logo and the strapline ‘Just Do It’- sounds simple but a lot has gone into coming up with that and regular brand reviewing is a must as it will be associated with your business in the public’s minds.

Your brand should:

  • Send the message clearly
  • Reinforce your credibility
  • Motivate your clients
  • Encourage client loyalty

Starting a new business and not sure what your brand values are? Or perhaps you are reviewing your existing business- get in touch with FACE today and our marketing experts will ensure your business stands out from the rest!