You must have heard of it by now- the collage sharing social media channel that’s so popular these days. But is there a way to use Pinterest to the advantage of your small business?

For those if you who aren’t familiar with it, Pinterest is basically a digital pinboard that allows you to collect and share pictures- of anything you like! The popularity of Pinterest is rapidly growing and a lot of people are using it to share home deco ideas. Although the site used to mostly appeal to women, now more and more men are using the site just as much.

Pinterest is a very visual form of social media- it’s pictures with labels and you can connect and share pinboards with others meaning you can make it work for your small business by increasing your brand recognition. Although some businesses may be tempted to dismiss Pinterest as just another social media site, or if they already have a presence on it scrape by with the occasional pin or new board, there are many amazing opportunities for brands who use it to its full potential.

This social networking platform can be an amazing source of content and the site’s search tool is bound to dig up a great image which is linked right back to the source. You may choose to interact with users pinning your posts, or use it as a from of real-time market research!
On average, the half-life of a single Pinterest pin is three and a half months which is more than 1600 times longer than a post on Facebook. Pinterest is still the reigning king of social traffic, second only to Facebook but its content lasts forever and its users grow more dedicated as time passes.

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